Support Pea Ridge Community Library


Donations, whether monetary or materials, are the backbone of our library’s collection history and, therefore, are vital to the overall support of the Pea Ridge Community Library.

Monetary Donation

The library vitally requires monetary donations from individuals to continue to grow our programs and collections along with the growth of our community. We will provide a tax deduction receipt for anyone who requests it.

Donated Materials

To maintain our collection’s integrity, we ask that all donated materials be of a gently used condition with no mold, smoke, rodent damage, etc.. All items will be thoroughly reviewed before being potentially added to our collection.

Friends of the Pea Ridge Community Library

Become a friend of the Library so the Library can be a better friend to the community!

  • Our nonprofit organization works to serve the ongoing needs of the Pea Ridge Community Library through organizing events & fundraisers, advocating, volunteering, lending professional abilities, and serving in community programs benefiting the Library.


Our volunteer program provides an opportunity for citizens to volunteer and make positive contributions to The Pea Ridge Community Library. It is also a fantastic way for young individuals to build or expand their customer service skills for the workforce.