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Intended Use

The Pea Ridge Community Library offers a study room and 40-person meeting room available on a first-come, first-serve basis. The rooms may also be reserved for those with an active and valid library card.

Read The Guidelines


Study Room

The Pea Ridge Community Library offers a study room available on a first-come, first-serve basis. The room may also be reserved for those with a valid library card.
  • Max fire code capacity = 17 (We require no more than 6 due to limited seating)
  • Amenities include 6 chairs, a 5 ft. rectangular table, and Wi-Fi access
  • Only quiet activities permitted
  • No Charge
  • Reservations may be made a month in advance and will be canceled if no one shows up 20 minutes after requested time.
  • May only be reserved for use during business hours
  • Must be at least 13 years of age to reserve
  • Food & Drink permitted if properly disposed of
  • The library reserves the right to charge a cleaning fee if rooms are not returned to their original condition after use.
  • Library staff has the authority to determine inappropriate behavior and revoke the right of use.

Meeting Room

The Pea Ridge Community Library offers *free use of its meeting room space to community groups and non-profit organizations. The purpose of the meeting room is to provide space for library programs and events, and to fulfill the library’s role as a community center where the public can freely engage in educational, cultural, civic, intellectual or charitable events. (*charges shall apply for reservations that are after library hours or require set-up.)  

Policies for Meeting Room

  • It is the policy of the Pea Ridge Community Library to provide meeting room space to Pea Ridge residents or property owners at least 18 years of age who possess a valid library card.
  • Library sponsored programs and programs of organizations affiliated with the library will be given priority in the reservation of meeting room space. Thereafter requests are considered in the following order:
    • City of Pea Ridge agencies
    • Community non-profit, cultural or civic organizations providing free public programs
    • All other uses, including organizations, groups, and businesses who wish to hold a not-for-profit gathering.
  • The room may be scheduled no more than 2 months in advance.
    • Any civic, community, or other non-profit group should NOT plan to designate the library as its regular meeting place.
    • Non-profit organizations may be asked to show their 501(c)3 statement when scheduling.
  • The room is NOT available for:
    • Family/group events such as: birthday parties, family reunions, holiday or anniversary celebrations, etc.
    • Commercial purposes designed to promote the purchasing of products or services.
    • Political rallies supporting or opposing any specific candidates.
  • Only library sponsored or co-sponsored meetings or programs may involve the sale of items, admission fees, fund raising activities or the solicitation of donations.
  • Permission to use the library meeting room does not in any way constitute an endorsement or approval by the library of the beliefs, positions, or actions of anyone using the facility.
  • Any group or organization wishing to use the meeting room must complete the Meeting Room Reservation Contract. The completion of said form is not a confirmation until the requester receives approval from library administration or designated staff. A new application must be completed for each request.
  • Library staff has the authority to determine inappropriate behavior and revoke the right of use.

Guidelines for Use

  • Max fire code capacity = 50 o Tables:10 (6’x2’6”) and 2 folding (5’x2’3”)
  • 50 folding chairs
  • Presentation amenities include: 36” TV with HDMI hookup, Wi-Fi access
  • Kitchenette and equipment available for use
  • Catering and non-alcoholic refreshments allowed
  • Room size is 23”x 34”
  • Set-up fee applicable if desired

Charges for use of meeting room

  • The library reserves the right to charge a cleaning fee if rooms are not returned to their original condition after use.
  • A reservation deposit of $50 shall be required if the group or organization wishes to use the room after library hours.
  • Groups or organizations who require the room set-up a certain way may request that it be done so by library staff for a fee of $20.

Room Use

  • The room is available for use primarily during regular library hours. Permission may be granted by the Library Director for use of the room after library hours, but a $50 deposit shall be required.
    • After hours reservations may use the room no earlier than 6am and no later than 9pm.
  •  Groups using the meeting room are responsible for providing their own supplies such as note paper, pencils, etc.
  • Unlawful, hazardous or dangerous activities are prohibited on library property.
  • No open flames of any kind are allowed; this includes, but is not limited to: candles, lighters, matches, or chafing dishes.
  • No signage/decorations may be affixed to walls, flooring, doors or ceiling.
  • No alcoholic beverages or tobacco products are permitted.
  • The library reserves the right to cancel any meeting should conditions or situations warrant such action.
  • When the library closes because of a power outage or weather-related emergency, all efforts will be made to notify organizations scheduled to use the meeting room. During adverse weather conditions, the group should check the library or local media for closing information.
  • Users are responsible for **setting up and taking down table and chairs. The room must be restored to its original condition after use.
    • **set-up may be requested for a fee of $20
  •  The person reserving the room will be the one held responsible for seeing that all food and drink items are disposed of, that the room is returned to its original condition, and will be held liable for any damage to the room and its contents.
  • Persons or groups who misrepresent their status in order to use the meeting room, or who disregard any of the rules set forth will forfeit their right to use the meeting room facilities.
  • Failure to comply with this policy may result in denial of future use of the library meeting room, financial liability for damages, and/or immediate removal from the meeting room.

I hereby certify that I am at least 18 years of age and have read and agreed to the meeting room policy and guidelines of use which constitute the entire agreement. If I am acting as agent or agents for any other person or entity, then I have the authority to act as such agent. I hereby acknowledge receipt of this contract. I understand this reservation is not confirmed until this form is signed by authorized agent in the organization and the deposit and any fees via check or cash ($ ) are received. If the room is not left in the condition in which it was found, or materials are missing from the room, I agree to pay the cost of cleaning, repairs or material replacement. I understand the Library reserves the right to cancel this reservation at any time without prior notice.

I agree to check-in at the front desk prior to the start of the meeting and, if possible, do so again immediately following the conclusion of the meeting and comply with all close-out procedures.

I Agree To The Terms Of Use As Stated Above.