Get A Temporary Library Card


Library cards at PRCL are free to everyone, regardless of what city or state you primarily reside in. Individuals who are at least five years of age and older are eligible to sign-up to become a cardholder. However, those under the age of 18 will require a parent or legal guardian to sign-up with them, accepting financial responsibility and use of Library resources.  

Those who wish to obtain a library card are required to bring in one form of ID with their current name and address on them. In the event that a card is lost or damaged, a replacement card may be acquired for a fee of $1. 

To register for a temporary card to be used for online purposes only, please use the form to the right. Temporary cards are only valid for 90 days and will expire unless said individual visits the library in person to upgrade their card to a permanent one. Registration for a temporary card is only allowed once a year. 

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